Professional Editing


Editing: Every second of your podcast is carefully listened to, and edited by removing unwanted noise, awkward silence, ummms, pauses, mistakes, stuttering, and background noise. Here, we can also fade in/out your shows theme music, and/or add commercials.

Fine Tune



In this step, the audio gets equalized, compressed, noise is reduced, and a pre-mastered mix is created.



Finally, your podcast is brought to correct loudness (-16LUFS) for standard podcast audio and episode is ID3 Meta tagged. The final high-quality MP3 file is created. Completed MP3 is delivered to your Dropbox folder or via Google Drive. When you receive your episode back, you will be ready to publish!


Intro's, Outro's & Theme Music

Assistance with Intro/Outro music creation: Your very own royalty included theme music.

As an option we offer helpful tips on how to get started, recommended gear, tips on how to improve sound quality, and offer help with technical issues.